Wednesday, 16 July 2014

4. Android SDK - Download and Installation for Eclipse

Here are the steps of how to install android SDK tools for using with the eclipse environment.

Go to android developer download page (here)

If you are installing this from scratch, click on 'Download Eclipse ADT with Android SDK'. This complete bundle comes with eclipse and ADT plugin and all other tools.

Another way is to do it manually which will install few less items and thus take less space on hard drive. Below are steps for the same:

1. On the same page, select 'View all Downloads and sizes' and download the suitable zip file for your platform.

2. Once the zip file is downloaded, extract that somewhere inside program files directory. After extracting, folder structure would look something like this (after extracting, i renamed the folder to android):

3. After all this, we need to install plugins for eclipse, so that eclipse can work with this android SDK. Firstly, open eclipse, go to help -> check for updates. Make sure that eclipse is up-to date.

4. Then go to help -> Install new software. From here, we install the plugins for using android. enter below url in 'Work with' field:
select 'Developer Tools', click on next
(if developer tools is not visible, then something is wrong with your internet connection or you might have entered the wrong URL above)

5. click on next and select all. This will install all the plugins.

6. Now restart the eclipse. On startup, it will show an error message likw 'Location of the Android SDK has not been setup in the preferences'.
Click on Open Preferences. Here, we need to provide the SDK location, where we extracted the android SDK (C:\Program Files (x86)\android).
On clicking apply button, eclipse will ask to install SDK platform component tools using SDK manager. From SDK manager, install Tools and the Android APIs for different versions.

7. So now we are done with installing the SDK and all of the separate packages. To check if everything is working fine or not, go to File -> New -> Project. Here, you will see Android directory for creating new project as shown below. If it is not there, then something is wrong with the installation.

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