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OA Framework : - 
  1. What is OA Framework ?
  2. OA Framework Architecture
  3. JDeveloper Setup for OA Framework
  4. Regions in OAF
  5. Items in OAF
  6. OAF Directory Structure – Location of Files on Server
  7. Simple Search Page in OAF
  8. Create and Update Page in OAF
  9. UIX (User Interface XML) Framework
  10. Dependent LOV in OAF
  11. PPR (Partial Page Rendering) in OAF
  12. Calling PL/SQL Function from OAF Page
  13. Implementing Shuttle Region in OAF
  14. Creating Graph in OAF
  15. Personalization, Extension & Customization in OAF
  16. Controller Extension in OAF
  17. Calling JSP Page from OAF Page
  18. Using Code Templates in JDeveloper
  19. Embedding ADF Region into OAF Page
  20. OAF Related Migrations from one Instance to Another
  21. Record History on OAF Page
  22. Profile Options related to OAF
  23. Query to Fetch Page Details (Using JDR tables)
  24. Using OADialogPage in OAF


JSF & ADF (Application Development Framework) : -
  1. Introduction to JavaServer Faces (JSF)
  2. Creating First JSF Application (without using any IDE)
  3. JSF Runtime Architecture
  1. Oracle ADF
  2. ADF Business Components
  3. Creating and Running ADF BC
  4. Associations and View Links in Oracle ADF BC
  5. Generating & working with Java class for Entity Objects
  6. Creating ViewCriteria Declaratively & Programmatically
  7. Working with Java Class for View Objects
  8. Generating Java class for Application Module
  9. ADF - Model Layer (Data Control and Bindings)


HTML & JavaScript : -
  1. World Wide Web
  2. Creating a Simple Web (HTML) Page
  3. Creating Lists & Tables in HTML Page
  4. Interactive Web Pages (Forms in HTML)
  5. Introduction to JavaScript


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  2. Hi Sushant...
    The way you drafted the explanation about OAF is good & It would be great if u explain an example for deleting a record (as updating a record) also.

  3. In Project Approver Responsibility->Project Management->Search Project page after enter project number, Click project number then Project page will open In project page after click setup there is a STATUS field and Change Status button is there,
    Requirement is if anyone wants to change the status, When click the change status button it should display the message ex: ("There is a no app-rovers for this project) If there is no approver change status button won’t work it don’t allow to go next page, this approver validation come from function based on the value we have to display message Thru controller extension we can reach this requirement please help on code.

  4. Nice to read your article! very informative post .So, please keep posting Java Stuff here Thanks man.......