Tuesday, 10 September 2013

19. Embedding ADF Region into OAF Page

Here, I have created an ADF read-only form on Deapartments table having navigation buttons and then embedded that region on Standard OAF Hello World page.
(Note: Before creating this, you must have JDeveloper 11g(for building ADF page) and correct JDeveloper patch for Oracle E-Business Suite version.
Also, it must be release 12.1.2 or later as rich container is not available in previous versions.)

Building ADF Page

1) Using 'New gallery', create a Fusion Web Application(ADF). This will create two projects (Model and ViewController).
2) Right click on Model and create new 'Business Components from tables'. Here, as we are creating only read-only form, we can skip step1 & 2 of this wizard and on step3 & 4, create read-only VO and AM receptively.

3) Similarly, right click on ViewController and create a new Page under JSF/Facelets category (RightADFDepartmentsPG.jspx)

4) Now, from data controls, drag DepartmentsVO1 and drop on the page created as ADF Read-Only Form.

5) Also, in web.xml, make the following change (change the param-value to never):
If this is not done, browser will not allow ADF region to appear on OAF page and will show an error message like 'This content cannot be displayed in a frame'.
6) Now right click on the page and run.

Creating function for the above ADF page in EBS

1) Set the value of 'External ADF Application URL' profile option at appropriate level (Site, Application, Responsibility, User) as shown below:
(ex: http://localhost:7101/ADFDemo-ViewController-context-root)

2) Go to 'Functional Administrator -> Core Services -> Functions -> Create Function' and enter the details as shown below:

3) Click Continue and enter page path as shown below:

4) Also, attach this function to the menu of responsibility from where you want to access this ADF Page.

Personalizing the Hello World page to embed the ADF Region

1) Go to Hello World page -> 'Personalize Page' link.
2) Create a new item of type 'Rich Container' as enter details as below:

3) Click on Apply and return to main page. Now the ADF region will appear on Hello World page:


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  2. How to pass parameter from OAF page to ADF.
    I need to to get few parameters from OAF and that has to be used for apps initialize in ADF.