Wednesday, 19 June 2013

17. Calling JSP Page from OAF Page

1) Create a new JSP page. I have created the same in JDeveloper.
Right click on project --> new --> web tier --> JSP as shown below:

2) I created simple Hello World page as shown below in JSP :

3) To run the page from jDeveloper itself, we have to change the path of HTML root directory. This should point to the directory where JSP files are stored.
We can change this from project properties --> Project Content --> Web Application. 

4) Once the JSP page is created, migrate the same on server at $OA_HTML.

5) Compile the same using below command:
$FND_TOP patch/115/bin/ --compile -s <file_name>.jsp
This will compile the file on server.

6) Now we can either directly open the JSP page using this link:

or, we can call JSP page from any OAF page by simply setting destination URI of item like link or button.
for example, I created an item of type link on OAF page and set its destination URI property to /OA_HTML/XxJspTest.jsp:

Below is how the link will work:

Click on 'Open JSP' link. This will open our JSP Page:


  1. How we can navigate back to home page?

    1. Check this link:

  2. Thanks for this info Sushant

  3. Hi Sushant, nice post.
    I create the hello world jsp page in Jdevloper 10g, but not able to run the file. I get error message in IE like '
    'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage'.
    But i can run the JSP in oracle application after deployment into $OA_HTML. Do you know why i am not able to run in Jdevloper. I dont see any issues when compiling.
    could any body help me to troubleshoot the issue. I m new to Jdevloper.
    I appreciate your help in this regards.