Monday, 17 December 2012

1. World Wide Web

World Wide Web is a huge collection of information- logically unified (means if we want to see any information from this collection, there is a very simple way and we can go to any piece of information) and physically distributed (means all this information is not stored at one place but is distributed across the globe in various computers). These computers talk to each other and we access this information through World Wide Web.

When we talk about World Wide Web, we talk about collection of web pages. To access any web page/information, we require browser and url of the page.

Borwser: browser can be thought of as a tool through will we can see that infomation on the web.

URL: every web page on world wide web has a unique address and that address is known as URL of that page. Also from one web page, we can  further move around the web through hyperlinks, buttons or other URLs.

Search Engines: this is one of the most important tool in world wide web.  The Job of search engine is to keep looking and analysing new websites and pages and whatever terms and words they come across, they keep on indexing and listing those terms.
Now, whenever someone is interested in any field/technique or want to access some information, he would go to any search engine and enter some keywords. Search engine will search those keywords in its index or list and check on which web pages those words are appearing. It will prepare a list of all those web pages and return as a result.
Google is the largest search engine in the world.

Also, there remains a confusion that internet and web are the same thing. But this is not so. Web is just a service which runs over the internet. Internet is like a infrastructure and lots of services run over this infrastructure. 

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