Friday, 12 October 2012

6. OAF Directory Structure - Location of Files on Server

All the standard OAF components delivered by Oracle fall under:
$JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/... directory.

Similarly, any of our custom OAF application should go under:
(xxcust is short name for our custom application).

While running our application from JDeveloper, there is no $JAVA_TOP. So equivalent directory for $JAVA_TOP is <JDEV_USER_HOME>/myclasses.
when we create our pages, all java and xml files get created in <JDEV_USER_HOME>/myprojects folder. However on compiling the project corresponding class files and xml files get generated under

Right after oracle/apps, there is short name of an application that is registered within EBS (like icx, fnd, po, etc).

Now all we have to do is to create package structure for all components:
1) Entity objects: package name should end with .schema.server
2) Application module: package name should end with .server
3) View objects: package name should end with .server
4) View objects (for LOVs): package name should end with .lov.server
5) Page definitions & controllers: package name should end with .webui

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